Parts 2 & 3 of Matt Hart’s POP Essay and Reading this Weekend for So and So Series!

Oh, goodness!  I should have let you know two weeks ago that part 2 of Matt Hart’s 4 part Poets off Poetry essay is up and ready for your reading pleasure.  You can check out part 2 here.  And guess what?  Part 3 is also up and ready for your reading pleasure.  I think this section may be my favorite of the bunch.  In the essay Matt talks about a Jawbreaker lyric which goes,  “I believe in desperate acts./The kind that make me look stupid.”  I told Matt that I totally understood the sentiment as my whole life is one big desperate act!  Haha-wahwah, etc.  But really, please do check out part 3 here.  The final installment of Matt’s essay will be up Sunday.  Don’t miss it!

In other news, I am going to be reading this weekend in Raleigh, NC for The So and So Series and through serendipitous means I am going to be reading with three friends from grad school.  It wasn’t intended to be so and I couldn’t be happier that this is the way it turned out.  Also, I am going to visit a friend from high school who lives down there and is a new mommy so happily I will get to see an old friend and her cute little daughter.  I’m going to be renting a car and driving from Raleigh to Charlotte where my friend lives.  Should be a fun mini road trip.

One last thing.  Thanks to my friend Sam I now know about this song.  It pretty much made my day yesterday.

New POP by Matt Hart and Boom Chapbook Contest Finalist!

Very excited to let you know that this month’s POP is up now, featuring part 1 of a 4 part essay by Matt Hart!  Matt’s essay was so massive that we decided to split it up into 4 parts, each part appearing through out the month of May.  What’s the essay about?  The Sex Pistols, The Blood Brothers, Gertrude Stein, Jawbreaker, Storm & Stress, and Kenneth Koch.  In addition to the four part essay, four selections from Matt’s  Sermons and Lectures Both Blank and Relentless will be featured each week as well.  Check out part one here.  HUGE thanks to Matt.  I am flattered and proud to be able to publish this!

Also, the POP page is getting a redesign/restructure in order to make room for the Song of the Week feature which will be appearing soon.  I think POP is getting a new, spiffy logo too.  Stay tuned for that.

In other news, my chapbook manuscript The City Salutes Itself is a finalist in the Boom Chapbook Contest from Bateau Press.  Exciting!  Fingers crossed!  But either way, I’m excited enough to be a finalist.  Bateau Press makes pretty, pretty books!

I Was a Natural Wonder, New POP, and Reading Poems this Friday!

Lily Ladewig and Anna Cecelia Holmes run a neat collaborative project called I Am a Natural Wonder, wherein they ask poets to write a poem using “I Am a Natural Wonder” as the title.  The project started off as a collaboration between Lily and Anna (you can see the eChap of their collaboration published by Blue Hour press here).  Then they started asking others to contribute.  You can read mine here.  Thanks Lily and Anna!

In other news, the latest POP is up and available for your reading pleasure, featuring an essay about Dave Davies of The Kinks by Ish Klein.  Check the essay out here.  Thank you Ish!

The next few months of POP are already jammed packed with good stuff. Next month brings us an essay by Marshall Walker Lee of Poor Claudia fame.  Did I tell you that I have some poems in Poor Claudia 4?  Because I do, and I’m in good company! Order it for yourself and see!  Then May brings us the month of Matt Hart, whose essay will appear in four parts over the course of the month.  Awesome.

Also, soon I will be launching a new feature on Coldfront called Song of the Week in which poets write about one song in 150 words or less.  Stay tuned for that.  I hope to have the new feature up and running within the next month.  If you or someone you know would be interested in writing a piece for Song of the Week please contact me at jackie [at] coldfrontmag [dot] com.

And lastly, I will be reading for Stain this Friday at Goodbye Blue Monday.  I’m reading with some rad people.  Maybe see you there?

A Year in Poetry (and some other updates)

I have to admit, poetry has been good to me in 2010.  I can’t speak to all the other things in my life, many of which have been disappointing, but poetry, yes, poetry has been a friend to me.

A few weeks ago I read Just Kids by Patti Smith.  I thought it was delightful.  It spoke to that (admittedly big) piece of adolescence that I still have in me, a sense of friendship, and most importantly, art.  I’m paraphrasing here but in the book Patti says that her mom always told her that wherever you end up on New Year’s (Eve vs. Day not clear, but in the same spirit I suppose) is basically what the year ahead of you looks like.  That’s why this year, for the first time (embarrassing, I know) I am going to go to the Poetry Project on New Year’s Day for their 37th Annual New Years Day Marathon Reading.  I never make it there for various reasons/excuses, but this year I feel it’s really important that I go.  I will most likely go by myself but I don’t really mind.  Sometimes you just have to make the space for things like this.  Actually I will most likely go to yoga first (the thing I am actually most thankful to have found this year), then to the Poetry Project.  New Year’s Eve I will spend among friends.

I hope that 2011 will continue to be full of friends and poetry.

The last POP of 2010 was recently published featuring an interview with Andrew Whiteman (of Broken Social Scene and Apostle of Hustle) by poet/friend Chris Tonelli.

Poets off Poetry also had a really good year thanks to all the interesting contributors and you, the readers.  This series means a lot to me and I’m happy to have as awesome a place as Coldfront to publish it!

Two poems of mine recently appeared in the new online journal Country Music, edited by Scott Abels.  Thanks Scott!

Oh, and also, Ben Mirov and  Amy Lawless did a mirco-write up of Office Work for this neat series they do call “Ben and Amy Read Chapbooks” on the Best American Poetry Blog.  This is so awesome and flattering.  It’s enough to make me emoticon 🙂

What else?

OH!  Here’s a sneak peek at the cover and contributors of LIT 19!

Launch party planning is in the works!  Friday, February 18 at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe!  Same as last year!  Featured readers TBA.  Stay tuned for details but be sure to save the date!

Also, LIT and POP will be at AWP in February.  Be sure to stop by and pick up a copy of LIT 19 and also a POP chapbook of poems published over the year!

Happy New Year’s friends.  Chin up, chin up.

New POP & Omnidawn & Nothing After Something and Before Something Else

So some things.

This month’s Poets off Poetry is up featuring an essay about Courtney Love by Lily Brown!  You can find the essay here.

Thanks Lily!

Also, remember when I told you that I was a finalist for the Omnidawn Chapbook Contest and that some time soon they would post a special feature to their blog with one poem from each of the finalists?  Well it’s up now.  Much thanks to everyone at Omnidawn!

In other sad news, I forgot to take a picture of my desk at work while it still had all of my collage-y stuff decorating it.  Tomorrow is my last day there, as I will be moving on to a bigger and better gig on Monday.  Got my big girl shoes all ready and everything.  I took down the collage-y stuff in such haste because I knew I was going to come down with a case of the weepies while I was doing it.  Change is so hard and weird and awesome.

In consolation, I took a picture of the emptiness because emptiness only has to be vacuous if you let.

I prefer not to let it this time.

New POP by Jeff T. Johnson up now!

Jeff T. Johnson’s essay about Pavement is up now and ready for your reading pleasure.  You can find it here.

Thanks Jeff!

While you are there don’t forget to check out Ten Years of Kid A, a POP Special Feature, with musings and poemings from a bunch of great people.

The next few months bring us essays by Chris Tonelli and Lily Brown so be sure to stay tuned for that.

New POP by Mathias Svalina up now!

A little late announcing this here, but this month’s POP by Mathias Svalina is up now!  Please read, and blog, and forward far and wide.

October 6 brings us a special edition of POP in honor of the 10th anniversary of  Radiohead’s Kid A, featuring writings, musings, and poemings about the seminal album by a pretty amazing group of writers.  Be sure to stay tuned for that.

In other news,  I am obsessed with this song right now:

Oh, and apparently Shel Silverstein authored a song called “Fuckem’!”  It’s true!

News & Notes

Why is September always better feeling then every other month??

Some things:

Claire Donato’s awesome POP essay is up for your reading pleasure.  Next week will bring us an essay by Mathias Svalina so definitely stay tuned for that.

LIT magazine is now accepting ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS! Amazing!  I’d like to give an extra special thanks to prose editor Mia Eaton for all her good work getting the software installed!  We seriously would not have been able to make the change without her!  So what are you waiting for?  Send us some poems.  Our fall reading period is officially open!

In other news, the awesome new journal Esque edited by Amy King and Ana Božičević officially launched today and I have a poem in it.  I’m in great company!

Also, I was one of five finalists for the Omnidawn Chapbook contest.  Pretty good bad news.  Omnidawn is going to run a feature about each of the finalists on their blog so I will keep you posted.

Other then that I say bring on the fall.  I have no idea what comes next but I guess I am ready for it.

A Very Geeky Interview…

I did a very geeky interview for We Who Are About To Die that is up now.  It can be found here.  Thanks to Daniel Nester for asking me to answer all those silly questions.  Daniel wrote an essay about the band The Outfield for Poets off Poetry a few months.  You can re-live the awesomeness here.

In other news, I read these poems by Amy Lawless on the internet yesterday.  I think they are great and I already told Amy so now I am telling you!